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Does achieving satisfying shits motivate us to be better shitters?

Nothing is quite as satisfying as taking a massive shit that leaves you feeling relieved and what seems like 10 pounds lighter. I love shitting, and for most guys here, …

Exploring men’s toilet culture: How it develops, pre-conceived beliefs and where it trends today

In my last post, I tried something different and did a video to tell my story about whether there is a toilet culture amongst men. If you missed it, you …

How big is men’s toilet culture?

Is there a toilet culture around guys and just how big of a culture is it? In this latest video I wanted tell a visual story about this, because the …

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What is this blog exshitement.com all about?

Do you find yourself ex-shite-ed when it comes to your daily poo? Especially when you know you take really big ones? If we’re really being honest, most of us guys ...

The Office Dump

Taking a shit at the office, whatever the context may be, comes with a whole array of complexity because of the environment of it being “work”. Unless your job entails  ...

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